Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier (vol 1) #2 (of 4) VF

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In his last breath, Erskine begged for Steve to protect his wife Anita. Steve then escaped as Nextin security guards rushed towards the disturbance. He then went to the sniper's position, only to find a rifle connected to a laptop. He went on to interrogating several criminals of Madripoor, but he found no clue about the attacker's identity. Steve went to one of Wolverine's refuges and contacted Sharon Carter, asking her to investigate about Myron Smith, Nextin's security chief. As he continued his search, Steve thought of how Anita, Erskine's wife, resembled Cynthia Glass, a Nazi spy he fell in love with. Glass died disobeying her superiors and protecting Steve from the Nazis. Steve followed Anita and Smith and tracked them down to Nextin's summer retreat. He met Anita, who claimed to somehow know Steve. Scared, Anita ran and Steve followed her. While he followed Anita, Steve then received a call from Sharon, who said that all records about Smith are false. One year ago, Myron Smith did not exist, up until Erskine changed his name and got married. Steve found Anita and Smith alone in an office. Then, Anita and Smith ware revealed to be androids created by Machinesmith. Steve challenged Machinesmith to fight, but Machinesmith sealed him in the room and deactivated the Super Soldier serum within him.