StormWatch #2 NM

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"Once More Unto the Breach"

Synergy is forced to activate Battalion's younger brother's super power to allow him to survive after an attack by Deathtrap and his Mercs. While Battalion fights back against the Mercs and awaits assistance, a team of Stormwatch is called into a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, where they are requesting aid after dealing with a disturbance. The team arrives there and are immediately attacked by an alien invader. Winter, who was on the team, sends Cannon back to Stormwatch base. Meanwhile, Diva, Fuji and Hellstrike arrive to help Battalion fight off the Mercs, who teleport away. They all arrive at the Stormwatch headquarters where Battalion gears up, joining the team once again so he can go to Chernobyl and handle the situation there.

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