Strange Tales #136 FN

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Cover pencils by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko (bottom tier), inks by Mike Esposito and Steve Ditko (bottom tier). "Find Fury or Die!", script by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (co-plot), pencils by Jack Kirby (layouts) and John Severin, inks by John Severin; HYDRA agents tail Fury intent on finding SHIELD's HQ, but Fury is aware he's being followed. HYDRA Section Leader B, a "Hydra-Hunter," runs the mission and hands over his hood to the Imperial Hydra so he will have no place to hide should he fail; When a few HYDRA agents show up at the barber shop which is the secret entrance to SHIELD's HQ, they're captured and hypnotized into believing the HQ is located in a warehouse blocks away. "What Lurks Beneath the Mask?", script by Steve Ditko (plot) and Stan Lee (dialogue), art by Steve Ditko; Dormammu imprisons Clea, telling her she will witness Strange's defeat. Mordo tells Dormammu that Strange is searching for "Eternity" and is puzzled by the dark lord's violent reaction; Strange continues his search, going from one mystic to another with no results, until The Aged Genghis tells him only he and The Ancient One know the secret; He gives him a scroll, which leads Strange to a being imprisoned in another dimension; a trap he barely escapes. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.12.

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