Strange Tales Dark Corners (1998) #1 NM

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Painted art by John Estes. Cloak And Dagger in "Expressway To Hell," script by Mike Baron, pencils by Alexander Maleev, inks by Chris Ivy; Jason, a runaway teen, hops a freight train and meets a trio of gangbangers also riding the rails; Aided by Cloak and Dagger, Jason and the other runaways are set up at runaway shelters. Spider-Man comic book ad. Morbius in Desiring Martine, script by Don McGregor, art by Mike Dringenberg; Martine Bancroft, having found a new lease on life, works as an editor at 'Enitce' magazine; Outside her office window, Michael Morbius, who was her fiance before he became the Living Vampire, spies on her, torn between remaining in the shadows or revealing his presence to her; While she and her assistant deal with the demands of her publisher who has ordered the revival of a Betty Page-like character, Morbius waits outside reliving his origin. Gargoyle in "In Stone," script by Jean Marc DeMatteis, art by Mark Badger; For months, Isaac Christians, the Gargoyle, has sat like his stone namesake upon the corner of an abandoned rural Virginia church; One lightning-splashed night, he is roused from his stupor by the arrival of Seetah, a goddess-like entity; She transports him to another dimension which she calls the Land, and there, Isaac is attacked by demonic beings. Spider-Man comic book ad. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $3.99.