Superboy #112 VG

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The Golden Rule! (public service message by Bob Hope / written by Jack Schiff) The Boy Who Replaced Clark Kent! (Superboy, Ma and Pa Kent, Lana Lang, Lewis Lang) Superboy makes his new secret identity Hank Harris, to see if Lana can keep it a secret. The Kids Who Stole Superboy's Powers! (Superboy, Krypto) On an alien planet some boys take Superboy's powers. Can he stop them now that he's depowered? Superbaby's Super-Pranks! (Super Baby, Ma and Pa Kent) In this Untold Story of Superbaby, Ma and Pa pretend to be servants of a friend who's trying to impress a movie producer, and Superbaby starts acting up. Can they convinve the producer it's all just stunts, or is Super Baby's cover blown?

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