Superboy #149 VG

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Wanted: Dead or Alive Bonnie Lang and Clyde Kent! (Superboy, Lana Lang / written by Frank Robbins) The infamous Bonnie and Clyde take Lana and Clark as hostages after robbing a Smallville bank. To make things worse, Lana is hit on the head, and she thinks she's Bonnie. Also, Clark is caught hauling around heavy gold bricks. How will he get them out of this situation without revealing he's Superboy? The Great Super-Powers Contest! (Superboy, Lana Lang, Ma and Pa Kent / written by Bill Finger : reprinted: from Adventure #248 with some alterations in characters appearances) A gangster, Ace Grimes makes a bet with his criminal friends as to which power Superboy will use the most in a day. Ace bets strength and then rigs it so Superboy will have to use that power the most. But Superboy overhears the bet, so will he make it so Grimes doesn't win by not using his strength the most?