Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 1) #215 VG

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Story 1: The Final Eclipse Of Sun Boy (written by Cary Bates). Phantom Girl tries to enjoy a week of vacation on her home planet of Bgtzl when she becomes the witness of a murder. She stop and apprehends the killer, a feared criminal on her planet, and is asked to be the star witness of his trial. Her brother warns Phantom Girl that the killer's friends are very dangerous and will come after her, but she tells him that she does not fear since she is a Legionnaire. Sun Boy and Element Lad arrive to bring Phantom Girl back to Earth when Sun Boy's powers flare up uncontrollably. He lashes out at the Legionnaires and is stopped by Element Lad. Superboy realizes that when Sun Boy's powers flared up, he looked like an eclipse and it probably means that someone is inhabiting his body. It is revealed that Phantom Girl's brother was in Sun Boy's body to protect her, as a phantom inhabited Element Lad's body, and stops him in time.

Story 2: The Hero Who Wouldn't Fight (written by Jim Shooter). Cosmic Boy is asked to help some Legionnaires who fell into a trap by the Emerald Empress, but it's on a traditional day where Braalians do not use their magnetic powers. Cosmic Boy decides to save them anyway, without using his powers.

Also includes a Public Service message "Justice for All Includes Children" starring Superman