Superman: Under a Yellow Sun: A Novel by Clark Kent TP (1994)

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As Superman, there is nothing that he fears; as Clark Kent, he’s running scared from that bane of all authors: writer’s block. Clark Kent toils on the sequel to his last novel, “The Janus Contract,” with the deadline mere days away. But not even a weekend of seclusion in the Fortress of Solitude is enough to put worthwhile words onto paper.

But eventually, the novel does emerge. This special edition comic is a story within a story, mixing the “real-life” adventures of Superman with the fictional adventures of David Guthrie, a sort of rugged alter-ego to author Clark Kent. In Kent’s book, “Under a Yellow Sun,” Guthrie takes a job on the island paradise of Corto Maltese working for a corrupt businessman. The businessman is analogous to Lex Luthor, to whom Superman is busy tracing a gun-running operation. The two storylines develop in parallel to their climactic conclusions. When they reach their finish, it’ll either mean tragedy—or a best-seller.