Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 1) #343 NM

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This particular issue breaks the usual format. Rather than reprint Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #18, an issue which focuses on the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, the editor opted to reprint the older material from Superboy (DC, 1949 series) #195 and 201... As the newest Legion applicant arrives and begins to recount the origin of his condition, he begins impressing the assembled Legionnaires with his wide variety of powers. However, Legion leader Mon-El is forced to reject him due to the Legion's rule regarding duplicate powers, despite his pleas that he possesses a completely unique power he can't demonstrate.The Legion is then called away by Bouncing Boy to answer and urgent S.O.S. from the United Planets,with the team rushing off to stop the devourer from destroying the planets food supply, and starving millions of United Planet citizens. However as they board he cruiser they are secretly joined by ERG-1 who seeks to impress the Legion, interfering to save several Legionnaires by using his hidden power. Following his actions they announce there going to induct him into the Legion, however all they find is his empty containment suit and decide to build a monument to the the fallen hero.While in the Legion headquarters several teenagers wait for there chance to audition for Legion membership, while a strange cloud of energy enters into the headquarters in a quest to reclaim what's his.While elsewhere the applicants are led to see a video of ERG-1's noble sacrifice as Superboy lectures them on the true meaning of being a part of the team,while the energy cloud watches on.The cloud then reveals himself to be ERG-1, as he makes his way back to his containment suit but is blocked by the containment field.He then attempts to posses the body of Cosmic boy but is met with a weird reaction, while elsewhere the applicants attempt to impress the Legionnaires,but the first two quickly prove to be more a hindrance then anything else.While elsewhere ERG-1 deduces that all the Legion Flight Rings will act in much the same way as the containment field in preventing him from taking over. Meanwhile the final applicant Molecular Master is met with great enthusiasm, after which ERG attempts to take control only to learn the applicant is...