Teen Titans (vol 1) #20 VF

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A mysterious costumed figure invades the Teen Titans lair, then purposefully tips off his presence. The Teen Titans are first lured to their training room, where they discover a jack-in-the-box has triggered their alarm. Hearing sounds coming from their meeting room, they double back to find the costumed man, Joshua, waiting for them. Speedy reaches for Joshua, only to be repelled by an electric charge. Kid Flash, too, attempts to penetrate Joshua's electrical barrier, to no avail. Joshua electrifies Wonder Girl's bracelets, to keep her at bay. Slipping on a pair of insulated rubber gloves, Robin confronts Joshua, offering to hear his story. Joshua informs the Teen Titans that a group of teenagers are planning to demonstrate, outside a local police station, on account of one of their friends being arrested. Joshua's sources say the teenagers plan on coming to the demonstration armed. Joshua leads the Teen Titans to the teenage gang. While the Teen Titans try to reason with the teenagers, Joshua returns to his secret lair, to eavesdrop in on a criminal enterprise, known only as "Operation: Jericho". The teenagers turn out to be armed only with water pistols. Refusing to listen to reason, they attack the Teen Titans, en masse. At first the Teen Titans hold back, but soon enough, they find themselves fighting for their lives, in the middle of a full scale riot. One by one, Joshua pulls the Teen Titans out of the conflict. Joshua parts company with the Teen Titans, leaving them to conduct their own investigation into the situation. The teenagers report to a shady character, called "Fat Cat", informing him that the Teen Titans prevented their demonstration.Fat Cat informs his superior, a man known only as "Regional Leader NG3", who, in turn, reports the Teen Titan's involvement to his superior. The order is given to destroy the Teen Titans. Though Joshua overhears the order to murder the Teen Titans, he chooses not to warn them. Joshua, instead, opts to finish his countermeasure...