The Amazing Spider-Man (vol 1) #116 GD

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While web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man pauses to remark on a large campaign sign for mayoral candidate Richard Raleigh. Suddenly the sign is smashed by a gigantic man appropriately named the Smasher, who apparently has a vendetta against the mayor. Spider-Man battles the Smasher, but is forced to leave the fight when the two men putting up the campaign for Raleigh are endangered. After saving the men, Spider-Man departs, concerning himself with other problems: Like retrieving his real mask from J. Jonah Jameson.  Web-Slinging to the Bugle, Spider-Man interrupts a meeting between Jonah and Joe Robertson (who is airing his suspicions of Raleigh), Spider-Man manages to retrieve his mask, despite the protests from Jameson. Safely away from prying eyes, Spider-Man ditches his temporary mask (stolen from a costume shop) and replaces it with his original. He then decides to go back to the Bugle as Peter Parker to sell his photos of his battle against Dr. Octopus and Hammerhead. On his way there, he's stopped by Harry Osborn and Mary Jane, MJ gives Peter a support button for Raleigh. When Peter tries to sell his pictures to Jameson, news of Spider-Man's battle against the Smasher has hit, and Jameson is not interested in buying pictures of "has beens" like Hammerhead.  After a press conference where Raleigh pushes his "tough on crime" image, he's later confronted by a crime boss, who he lashes out at and warns that organized crime will be crushed by him. Later, Peter changes back to Spider-Man and web-slings across the city to meet up with Gwen for a date, but can't help but keep an eye out for the Smasher.  Meeting up with Gwen, Gwen feels bad for Aunt May's decisions of late because they were influenced over Gwen's criticisms of Aunt May's mothering of Peter, she reassures Peter that Flash is only a friend and he has nothing to worry about. The couple then go to a fundraiser for Raleigh's campaign, where they meet with Mary Jane. During the event, Peter's spider-sense goes off, he notices the roof of the reception hall is about to collapse. Killing the lights Peter, with no time to change into his Spider-Man costume, tries to stop the collapse with his webbing, however it's not enough, and unless he comes up with an idea fast, the roof will collapse and kill everyone there, including Gwen.

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