Amazing Spider-Man (vol 1) #259 VF

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Origin of Mary Jane.

"All My Pasts Remembered!" Script by Tom DeFalco. Pencils by Ron Frenz. Inks by Joe Rubinstein. Cover by Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein. After Mary Jane's bombshell revelation to Peter two issues ago, the pair of long-time friends takes a walk together through Central Park. MJ shares her family history with make him comfortable with her knowing his secret identity. Where will their relationship go from here? Meanwhile, the Hobgoblin is back in business! And attempting to cut into the Kingpin's action (with help from his new ally: the Rose)! Origin of Mary Jane Watson. Cameo appearances by Mr. Fantastic, She-Hulk, and the alien symbiote. Flashback cameos by Aunt May and Anna Watson. (Notes. The Amazing Spider-Man returns to his original red and blue costume. This issue was reprinted in Marvel Tales 273.) Cover price $0.60.