The Avengers (vol 1) #143 VF

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After interrogating one of the train robbers about Kang’s location, Thor (disguised as Donald Blake), Hawkeye, Moondragon and Two-Gun Kid ride into town in Old West attire. They gain entrance to Kang’s fortress but are immediately discovered as Kang vows revenge via video screen against the Avengers depriving him of the Celestial Madonna. Back in the present, the other Avengers are trapped in a cage inside the Brand Corporation but using Captain America’s shield, Vision is able to pass through the bars and engineer their escape. Meanwhile, Kang has dispatched a genetically mutated coyote against Hawkeye, Moondragon and Two-Gun Kid. Thanks to his disguise, Thor manages to slip past Kang’s scanners into the control room. When Kang notices the bearded stranger is missing, Blake reveals himself and transforms into Thor. While Thor battles Kang, Two-Gun Kid narrowly escapes the creature’s grasp thanks to Moondragon’s mental powers but is shaken by the near-death experience.   Outside the fortress, Kang unleashes his dissolution beam against Thor. As Thor continues to resist, Kang increases the power but in doing so overloads his suit and is apparently destroyed. The fortress disappears and Immortus appears in the sky, explaining Kang’s atoms have split and spread throughout time never to come together again. With Kang’s death, the cycle is broken and Rama-Tut and Immortus no longer exist. As Immortus fades away, Moondragon sheds a tear for his demise.

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