The Avengers (vol 1) #63 VG

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First Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Goliath. Goliath becomes Yellow Jacket.

And In This Corner... Goliath! Hawkeye, Vision and Black Panther arrive back from Wakanda to find Hank Pym and The Wasp have returned from their honeymoon. Hank announces he is going to remain as Yellow Jacket as increasing his size may be the reason behind his recent bout of schizophrenia. Nick Fury interrupts The Avengers to inform them Black Widow has been captured on a mission in the Caribbean. The Avengers go to the rescue but Hawkeye is ordered to remain behind as he'll make things too personal. Natasha then sends an SOS to Avengers Mansion and Hawkeye realizes she is really in Coney Island. Clint Barton, feeling inadequate compared to the power of Vision and the prowess of the Black Panther, decides to take Hank Pym's growth serum to become the new Goliath and save his lover from the evil Egghead. However when Goliath II arrives at the scene, he is faced with a giant robot that is even stronger then him!