The Avengers (vol 1) #216 VF

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"...To Avenge the Avengers!"

Tigra reflects on Molecule Man's defeat of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Silver Surfer as Molecule Man insists she cheers up.  Tigra is revolted when Molecule Man reveals he intends to keep her as a pet.  Outside, the Fantastic Four and the army attempt to break into Molecule Man's base.  Meanwhile, in the basement of Molecule Man's home, the Avengers and Silver Surfer regroup.  The Surfer explains that he saved the heroes at the last second using the Power Cosmic.  Tigra continues to despair, but slowly works up her courage.  She sneaks into the Molecule Man's bedroom to kill him, but loses his nerve just before striking and slinks out.  The Avengers and Silver Surfer reveal themselves to Tigra, and quickly explain Captain America's attack plan.  Before they can act, Molecule Man attacks.  He keeps the Avengers on the defensive with choking dust and giant hands.  Donald Blake manages to surprise Molecule Man, and punch him in the nose.  Molecule Man flees in shock at having his nose bloodied.  The Avengers press the attack, and Captain America manages to knock Molecule Man out with a single punch.  The Avengers discuss how to contain the powerful villain.  Iron Man argues for killing him, and Captain America refuses to accept an Avenger killing.  As the Avengers argue, Molecule Man awakens.  Tigra convinces him to surrender and see a therapist.  Molecule Man restores the unique items he disintegrated (Mjolnir, Cap's Shield, the Surfer's Board), but cannot reconstruct Iron Man's armor.  The Silver Surfer flies away.  Tigra resigns.  She explains that she does not feel up to the team's standards, and leaves in good spirits.  Jarvis reflects that the Avengers might need a membership drive with only three Avengers left.