The Avengers (vol 3) #4 NM

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First appearance of Warbird.

The Korvac Saga: Part 10 of 10 - Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and the Guardians of the Galaxy guest star in "The Hope...and the Slaughter!" Script by Jim Shooter. Pencils by Dave Wenzel. Inks by Pablo Marcos and Ricardo Villamonte. Cover by Dave Cockrum and Terry Austin. This is it! The earth-shattering conclusion to the Korvac Saga! No less than 21 super-heroes bravely attack the cosmic-powered Michael (aka Korvac)! However, as the ferocious battle rages, the Avengers' and Guardians' casualties mount. Nikki, Quicksilver, and Yellowjacket are among the first to fall. And after Michael knocks out Hercules and Captain Marvel, the hope for victory gives way to despair. But an inspiring counter-attack by Captain America and Wonder Man buys Iron Man, Starhawk, Thor, and the Vision just enough time for one final push! Will this be the Avengers' finest hour? Or perhaps their final hour? Truly an epic issue! Cameo appearances by the Watcher, Eternity, Heimdall, Mephisto, Odin, and Zeus. (Notes: This 10-issue storyline (along with a new epilogue) was reprinted in 1991 in the trade paperback: The Korvac Saga. What If (1st series) 32 explores an alternate reality where the outcome of the battle is reversed.) Cover price $0.35.