The Beast (vol 1) #2 NM

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Body Shopping

The Beast, Cannonball and Karma have just been teleported by Karma to the entrance to her Body Shop.  The trio hope to find Karma's young siblings, Nga and Leong.  Instead, they find Spiral in league with Viper, and the twins, who have been accelerated to physical maturity, now superhumanly altered by Spiral.  Karma is then encased by a sheath of Leong's new artificial skin.  Beast and Cannonball are about to attack when the latter is slashed by one of Spiral's mutates.  Beast puts Cannonball out of further harm's way, then attacks Spiral. At the same time, Nga demonstrates her new ability: she creates, then transfers her consciousness to, duplicates of her opponents, now inhabiting a replica of Karma.  When Cannonball recovers and enters the fray, Nga controls him with Karma's powers and forces his to attack Beast.  Spiral am Nga then render the two X-Men unconscious, and Viper orders Nga to kill them.