The Beast (vol 1) #3 NM

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Nga Coy Manh, recently altered by Spiral, is ordered by Viper to kill the Beast.  As she hold a blade to his throat, her sister, Karma, takes mental control of the Beast, and rather than see Nga corrupted thus, forces the mutant to fight her mercilessly.  Cannonball returns to consciousness, and carries off Karma, to let Beast fight his own way, but his momentum carries him into Spiral's Body Shop, where they are captured. Nga produces and controls a duplicate of Beast and the two battle, while inside, Viper explains her desire for revenge on Karma.  Spiral begins the procedures to alter and enslave Karma.  Then Nga/Beast enters, carrying the form of the real Hank McCoy, but when Spiral and Viper let their guard down, the Beast stops playing possum, and leaps to free Cannonball and Karma. The trio battle Spiral and Viper, damaging the former's devices, and the pair teleport elsewhere.  The mutants and Karma's siblings escape as the Body Shop collapses.  Karma takes Nga's and Leong's hands, and they head toward the teleporter, Gateway.