The Brave and the Bold presents Batman and the Joker (vol 1) #111 GD

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At a crime scene in a usually quiet Gotham suburban home ,Commissioner Gordon and the Batman are overwhelmed as they find the whole Norton Family  murdered with the Jokers calling card as their only clue. The fact the victims don't have the usual deadly grimace  leaves some doubt. A note on the dinner table reads the Norton family was obliterated because their father fingered Eddie Doyle and sent him away for life. Commissioner Gordon vouches for the Joker saying that he doesn't even know Doyle. The Batman vows to hunt the Joker down like the mad dog he is. Later after a police radio call, Gordon and Batman arrive at the morgue. The victims now wear the deadly grimace of the Joker. A call from crime syndicate boss Rizzo arrives at Gordons office tips Batman and him to the Jokers whereabouts, the Gotham Gravel companies Marine division. There the Batman finds a clue on the newspaper circled Gotham Turkish Baths .An hour later at Gothams Turkish Baths the Batman finds the Joker pointing a gun at Burt Slade and disarms him but a shots rings out. wounding  the Batman shot by the Jokers intended victim. Waking up in Gotham General Hospital with only a flesh wound Batman finds the commissioner and warns him to stay out of his way. Gordon warns him no personal vendettas. The Batman visits Gotham City's Harbormaster and confirms the Joker had an alibi for the night of the murder. The Batman informs Commissioner Gordon of his suspicions of Burt Slade murdering the Nortons and the Joker's alibi. The Batman leaves messages throughout the city about making a deal. The Joker calls the Commissioner's office. The Batman offers a truce and to work together bringing in Slade. The Joker accepts but demands no police, no tricks.Later at an auto auction Slade purchases a car. The Batman following Slade sneaks into the backseat of the car. Slade realizes that the Batman is in his car slides up a bullet proof glass between them and speeds the car to 90 mph. The Batman jumps...

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