The Brave and the Bold (vol 1) #113 FN

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The Gotham City Police Department and Batman are called to the Gotham Art Museum to stop a bunch of heavily armed thieves from stealing an ancient Hotep statue which is believed to contain the secret of everlasting life. They are also met by Inspector Siyad an inspector of the Egyptian police, who claims the statue was stolen from his country and sold illegally. Batman is asked to investigate the legitimacy of the purchase, and at the same time see if the old legends about the statue are true.  While in France, Mr. Miracle puts on a show where he escapes from the top of the Eiffel Tower during a lightning storm without getting struck by lightning. This is a feat he pulls off perfectly, and is then confronted by a woman who offers him to commit the greatest escape of all time.  Days later in Egypt, Batman's investigations find that the man who sold the statue to the museum in Gotham is dead. Searching for a lead to the temple, Batman is attacked by his tour guides when they hit a sandstorm. At the same time Miracle and his female companion are flying in a helicopter when they hit the same storm, forcing them to abandon the helicopter and continue on foot.  Batman finds the secret cave of Atun, followed by Miracle and his companion. Mr. Miracle the woman find who they believe is the Immortal Atun who tells them that his scepter is the key to immortality. The girl grabs it and runs, but has to be saved by Miracle when she gets caught up in various traps. The girl turns on Miracle (pulling a gun on him) and reveals that she's really working for a wealthy investor seeking to gain the key to immortality because he's on deaths door. Miracle escapes finds Atun's tomb, opening it up he learns the truth: That it's not Atun at all, but Batman. Removing the helmet on "Atun's" head causes Batman to snap out of it. When the girl gains the helmet she tires to use it to kill the two heroes, who manage to escape into a secret chamber. There they find an ancient space cruiser and realize the truth, that Atun was an alien from another planet. Using the ship to escape, the temple self-destructs and afterwards the staff and the alien ship crumble to dust. Both Miracle and Batman are left with many unanswered questions.  The "master" who hired the girl to steal the staff soon dies, and light years away, Atun's leaders deny his request to return to Earth, telling him that immortality is a gift that's not yet ready for the savages of Earth.


This story is reprinted from The Brave and the Bold #51.


This story is reprinted from The Brave and the Bold #15.


This story is reprinted from The Brave and the Bold #59.

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