The Creech: Out For Blood #2 NM

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TODD MCFARLANE PRODUCTIONS (W/A) Greg Capullo (Colors) Tyson Wengler Cover by Greg Capullo Spurred on by reports circulated by the media, the entire city joins in the hunt for the Creech, who they are told is a new form of terrorist weapon. Seeking to escape the murderous mob, as well as the violent urges welling up inside him, the Creech finds refuge among the ashy remains of what was once his (Dr. Battu's) old laboratory. Soon, he is joined by his only friend and former ally, reporter Chris Rafferty, whose desperate search has led him and psychiatrist Cynthia Nicole Thomas, his old flame, to the burned-out lab. Together they hatch a plan to clone Dr. Battu and reverse the mind transfer, an act that would free him from the torment and misery he suffers being imprisoned in a killing machine. This ambitious, if not impossible task, will become even more difficult when the mysterious men in shades finally catch up with Chris. Cover price $4.95.