The Deva Spark (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons/Planescape)

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A bar room brawl? No big deal. Except when it starts on the Abyss—and the brawlers are a deva and a bebilith! The deva: A celestial champion who serves the cause of ultimate Good. The bebilith: A nightmarish monster whose every deed reeks of ultimate Evil. Two eternal enemies locked in a bizarre struggle for the ultimate prize.

What terrible secret connects these two beings? And what does it all have to do with the legendary deva spark? Only a group of brave cutters can get to the dark of this peel, and they'd better hurry... because time is running out!

"The Deva Spark" is a Planescape adventure for a party of four to six characters of 5th—9th levels. From the blasted pits of the Abyss to the peaceful forests of Elysium, the heroes track a barmy bebilith who holds the key to saving the life of a dying deva. Can your characters handle the fire of the deva spark?

Product History

"The Deva Spark" (1994), by Bill Slavicsek and J.M. Salsbury, is the third adventure for Planescape. It was published in December 1994.

Continuing the Planescape Series. "The Deva Spark" ended a busy first year for the Planescape line that had seen the publication of the original Campaign Setting (1994), the Planes of Chaos (1994) setting book, one Monstrous Compendium (1994), two previous standalone adventures, and an adventure anthology. Though the adventures were bunched toward the end of the year, they had clearly been the biggest focus of 1994 … which was probably important for such an innovative new setting.

Adventure Tropes. The previous two standalone adventures, "The Eternal Boundary" (1994) and "In the Abyss" (1994), had suggested a standard format for Planescape adventures: the PCs start out in Sigil and then are swept into the other planes. "The Deva Spark" is similar, but it pushes harder than ever on the idea that Sigil is the home base for Planescape players. The PCs start off in Sigil, are sent off to the Abyss, and then return to Sigil before heading off to Elysium.

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