The Flash (vol 1) #338 NM

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Continued from Flash #337, Barry Allen is able to outsmart the Pied Piper’s speed demons and capture the villain back at his lair, but somehow the Pied Piper is driven insane by the Flash’s speed. He is taken to Breedmore Metal Hospital for review. When the Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang hear about this they dress as cops and go to see their fellow rouge. While at the Hospital the two rogues witness an exterminator be assaulted by a super humanly strong inmate named Dufus. Dufus is mad that the exterminator was trying to kill his mouse friend.Once Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master find the Pied Piper they learn that something has indeed changed him and they call an emergency meeting of the Rogues. At the meeting they decide that something needs to be done about the Flash and decide to spring Dufus out to jail.Once they have sprung Dufus out, they out fit him with armor and weapons from the Monitor and give him a new name, Big Sir. Captain Cold then reveals he has a plan to have Big Sir do their bidding and involves a frozen mouse.Meanwhile…The Flash hires Sidney Dithers, Private Detective to investigate his lawyer Cecile Horton. A man named Nathan Newbury is struck by lightning on a bright sunny afternoon.And Cecile may have found a way to help the Flash’s murder case, but the Flash is going to have to trust her.

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