The Incredible Hulk #281 VF

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Lakeside Tattooz Insert Variant (unopened inserts may or may not have the sample tattoo inside). While there is no definitive information about the Lakeside Tattooz inserts, they are known to occur over several different Marvel issues printed in March 1983. Unlike Amazing Spider-Man #238 and FF #252 where the insert was present in every copy, it appears only a limited amount of copies of this issue received the Lakeside insert (regional distribution?). Also, some of the inserts, although never opened, exist without the free tattoo sample inside.

"Audition" is written by Bill Mantlo, with art by Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott. Characters: Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Avengers; Bereet; Leader (villain). Cover by Ed Hannigan and Steve Mitchell. Cover price $0.60.