The Mighty Thor #294 VF

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Origins of Odin.

The Eternals Saga: Part 13 of 20 - Cover by Keith Pollard. Origin of Asgard and Odin in "New Asgards for Old!", script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Keith Pollard (breakdowns) and Chic Stone (finished art), inks by Chic Stone; Odin creates Asgard and all the other Asgardian Gods from the remnants of the previous Asgard; Loki tricks Odin into promising Idunn to the Storm Giants Fafnir and Fasolt. Cameos by Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg, Balder, and the Enchantress. Bullpen Bulletins. "A Hot Time in the Old Town" Hostess snack cakes ad with the Human Torch. The letters page is replaced by this two-page article by Mark Gruenwald on the nature of mythology and the Zodiac in the Marvel Universe. Roy Thomas writes a short introduction. 36 pgs., full color. $0.40. Cover price $0.40.