The Mighty Thor #446 VF

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Operation: Galactic Storm, Part 14 Having finally made it to the Shi'ar throne world, the Avengers find themselves unwelcome by everyone: the Imperial Guard are antagonistic for various reasons, Prime Minister Araki is more concerned with the needs of his Empire than the needs of one insignificant backwater planet, and even Empress Lilandra is more concerned with wartime protocol than welcoming Terran guests. Thor's recent hotheadedness returns, infuriating Lilandra and ending their meeting. Captain Marvel is likewise infuriated with Thor and rebukes his lack of maturity. In her chambers, Lilandra wonders if Thor was more correct than she first suspected and starts to regret the terrible destruction of the war with the Kree - an attitude Prime Minister Araki finds akin to treason and worthy of assassination in itself .The Kree Starforce, delayed by Ronan's recent run-in with Iron Man, finally arrive and begin searching for Lilandra to exact vengeance for the deaths of Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn. The Starforce and Imperial Guard start to battle, with the Avengers caught in the middle (just as the cover indicates). The Avengers side with the Imperial Guard and eventually triumph over the Starforce. Seeing the Avengers' willingness to fight for her safety reminds Lilandra of the higher duties of life over territorial greed. She calls for the return of the Nega-bomb, but it is too late: as Wonder Man and Vision discover, the Skrulls have commandeered it and are ready to detonate it in Kree space.

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