The Mighty Thor #453 VF

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Thor II and Balder fight to free Sif, but she is sticking to her bargain with Mephisto, and fights them both. Susan is released from the hospital. Karnilla and Odin remove Thor’s lightning powers, but Arko overhears them talking and tells the Warriors Three. Thor has a plan to stop Sif, and changes to Eric. He bets that no matter what, she will not murder a helpless mortal, and he’s right. She begs his forgiveness and they kiss. Mephisto decides the game is over, and gives them the Soul Shroud. They open it and a spirit form comes out. They are astonished that it’s not Thor, to which Mephisto replies that he nevr said it was. The Warriors Three face off against Odin, while Amora takes Heimdall to an old friend for help.