The New Avengers (Vol 1) #35 NM

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Several days ago, Jigsaw tried to rob a night watchman's safe. Tigra arrived and attacked Jigsaw, however a couple police officers interrupted her. Jigsaw shot them and escaped in the confusion. He returned to a converted storage unit, and found an invitation to a meeting. The next night, the Hood spoke to a room full of super-villains. He suggested that they organize and work together. He offered each of them $25,000 seed money, and assistance with attacking heroes and their families.  Later, The Hood ambushed Tigra in her home. He pistol-whipped and shot her, while Jigsaw recorded the attack on video. Afterwards, various villains watched the video in a bar. Chemistro approached Hood and John King. He told them that The Owl called him about something to sell.  In the present, The Hood and his gang have taken the Deathlok cyborg from The Owl. They send it to attack and rob a large bank, alongside the Wrecking Crew. Afterwards, the gang counts and divides the $12.7 million they stole. On a TV, they see news footage of the Avengers fighting symbiotes.

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