The New Avengers (Vol 1) #41 NM

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A T-Rex attacks the two hero groups, both present and past types. Spider-Man is flung away, where he crashes against a tree, before falling to the ground. When he comes to, he sees the Savage Land natives, including Ka-zar and Shanna, behind him. He asks them if they are Skrulls, though Ka-zar claims they're not.  Flashing back to many months ago, Ka-zar and Shanna discover a S.H.I.E.L.D. mining operation, enslaving the Savage Land natives to mine the vibranium. They attempt to capture a female S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, only to accidentally kill her. However, they soon discover that the agent's a Skrull. Shanna takes her uniform to infiltrate the operation. She eavesdrops on Contessa Allegra de la Fontaine talking to another agent regarding their plans. Already, they have a spy in the New Avengers. Unfortunately, the agents soon realize that Shanna isn't one of them when they noticed that she left her post. Shanna responds by firing her gun and running away. But once she is cornered and out of bullets, Ka'zar and Zabu arrive to rescue her. When they abandon the truck they stole, they gather and army to stop the Skrulls. But once their assembled army comes back to the digging site, they see that the New Avengers have arrived first. Then, the Helicarrier destroys the site, which the New Avengers survive.  Back in the present, Spider-Man explains his team's view of what they though about the operation, that it was part of a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. faction. However, he feels that Ka-zar is fibbing. As Ka-zar swear on the honor of his father that he's telling the truth, Spidey's spider-sense acts up and Zabu growls, as they all see Captain America, preparing to throw his shield.

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