New Mutants Annual (vol 1) #5 VF

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Chapter IX in the "Atlantis Attacks" crossover saga! Attuma's finally got the power to do what he's always desired— annihilate Atlantis! How can the New Mutants stop him? Guest-starring Namorita! Plus: Boom Boom goes on the Dating Game TV show!SummaryThe first story 'Here Be Monsters' was created by Louise Simonson, Rob Liefeld, Tom Dzon, Joe Rosen, Tim Vincent, Bob Harras & Tom DeFalco. This story takes place during the events of New Mutants #87.The second 'A Case of the Cutes' was made by Judith Kurzer, Jon Bogdanove, Hilary Barta, Joe Rosen, Steve Buccellato, Bob Harras & Tom DeFalco.The third and final story, 'Crowned Heads' was Chapter 9 of the Atlantis Attacks cross-over. It was created by Peter Sanderson, Mark Bagley, Keith Williams, Marc Siry, Richard Starkings, Gregory Wright & Mark Gruenwald.Story 1: Here Be MonstersGhuar cackled as he observed the New Mutants, X-Terminators and Namor fighting a giant squid (see New Mutants # 76). He noticed that Namor had retrieved the Horn of Doom. Llyra argued that Namor would defeat them, but Ghuar sent Coal, Spike & String after Namor because of their strong resemblance to Sunspot, Rictor & Wolfsbane.The New Mutants had returned to Earth (see New Mutants # 87), and Warlock flew them around the area where Ship used to float. Warlock settled on the water's surface and Wolfsbane dived in to cool off.Cannonball darted towards her and pulled her out of the water moments before sharks bit her. Rictor & Boom-Boom used their powers to scare the sharks away and Warlock soared into the air again.Following information from Ghuar, the three Deviants tracked the Horn of Doom to Namorita's underwater bed chamber. They held her hostage and took the horn. The intruders encountered members of SURF, and were able to slip away with the Horn of Doom when Namorita mistook the SURF members to be her assailants. Undertow created a whirlpool to keep Namorita at bay long enough to introduce themselves.