The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #18 Book of the Dead NM

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Issues 16-20 are Book of the Dead editions, listing all the Marvel characters who have died at least once. Casulties in this issue: Hyperion to Nighthawk. Character/artist listing: Hyperion II by Ron Wilson; Imperial Hydra by Ron Frenz; It, the Living Colossus by Al Milgrom; Jackal by Mark Pacella; Jarella by Sandy Plunkett; Jocasta by Kerry Gammill; Kangaroo by Mike Machlan; Kiber the Cruel by Bob Wiacek; Kid Colt by Larry Lieber; Korvac by Dennis Jensen; Letha by Brian Garvey; Lilith by Nestor Redondo; Living Monolith by Mike Harris; Lucifer by Sal Buscema; Malekith by Walt Simonson; Marauders by Rick Leonardi; Marvel Boy by Dave Cockrum; Mauler I by Bob Layton; Melter by Kerry Gammill; Midgard Serpent by Walt Simonson; Mimic by Ron Frenz; Miracle Man by Sandy Plunkett; Mirage I by Jose Marzan, Jr.; Miss America by Mary Wilshire; Modok by Mike Zeck; Morlocks by Sal Buscema; Nebulon by Al Milgrom; Nighthawk I by Paul Ryan; Nighthawk II by Brett Breeding. Keith Pollard/Joe Rubinstein cover. Cover price $1.50.

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