The Tomb of Dracula #14

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"Dracula Is Dead!" - Blade has managed to slay Dracula by impaling him in the heart with one of his wooden daggers. However, before the vampire hunters can get rid of Dracula's body, the villages in Dracula's thrall break into the mortuary and overpower the heroes, taking away Dracula's corpse. They carry the body out, leaving Quincy and the others fearing that they may bring Dracula back to life.  Later, at the revival tent of the Chruch of the Forever Resurrected, Father Josiah Dawn begins to question his faith due to the diminishing attendance of his revival mission. Tossing his Bible away in anger, Josiah quickly repents and asks his Lord to show him a sign. Be it destiny, or design, Josiah spots Dracula's abandoned coffin nearby and finds Dracula's body within. Finding it as a sign of God, Josiah begins to advertise that during his next revival he will bring a man back from the dead.