Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1-3 Complete Set VF

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A long time ago on the Kree planet Tarsis is where the story begins. This story takes place before Silver Surfer's betrayal and before the events of Marvel Super Heroes #12. The Kree are locked in combat against Galactus and Silver Surfer for the very survival of the planet. Captain Mar-Vell and the rest of the Kree soldiers are order to retreat as their weapons can do nothing to stop the Devourer and his Herald. Mar-Vell and his crew barely escape with their lives and watch mournfully as the planet is consumed before their very eyes. Mar-Vell returns to Kree-Lar where he is placed aboard the imperial cruiser Pama, hand picked by the Supreme Intelligence for a top secret mission. It is aboard the Pama where Mar-Vell first meets Colonel Yon-Rogg, also hand picked specifically for this mission. The Situation: Grand Admiral Devros has gone missing. The Kree leaders received a distress signal from his ship in the Absolom Sector, the most dangerous sector in all Kree Space. If he is in enemy hands many of the empire's greatest secrets could be in danger of being exposed. Their mission: Find Grand Admiral Devros and silence him. En route they encounter a Shi'Ar Scoutcraft besieged by three Skrull Warsaucers. Captain Mar-Vell volunteers to lead a strike team in to aid the Shi'Ar. Once aboard the Shi'Ar vessel they encounter members of the Imperial Guard. The battle turns in favor of the Skrulls until Mar-Vell, in one final desperate attack, destroys the Skrull battery and repelling their main forces. The attack leaves him stunned and at the mercy of the Skrulls. The Skrull commander readies the final blow when Deathbird suddenly comes to Mar-Vell's aid, slaying the skrull!