The War to End All Wars: The North American Upgrade Set (2002)

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The North American Upgrade Set is an expansion set for The War to End All Wars and stand alone game. The North American Upgrade Set provides four primary game scenarios. The first two of these are attachment scenarios to allow this expanded map to be used with The War to End All Wars and the rest of the WW1 series. The first is simply new unit placements and expanded rules for the American entry into WWI. It provides expanded play options for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The second is a scenario where the US is certain to enter on the Central Powers' side, and British, Canadian, Mexican, Japanese, and possibly even French forces must move to defeat or at least contain America and win the war in Europe before American war industries gear up to break to deadlock in the war. Additionally the game provides two stand alone scenarios. These are the War of 1812, and the American-Mexican War. The map provides resource differences for the three time periods, and therule book includes different set ups, political rules, and scenario guidelines for each war.