The X-Men #20 FN

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The Blob and Unus meet each other at a wrestling match and after finding out they are both mutants decide to work together. Dressed up as X-Men they rob a bank and at the same time frame their enemies for their crimes. However they are unaware that the idea stems not from them but from Lucifer who is manipulating them from afar. Still struggling with the idea that his powers might hurt innocent people one day, Cyclops secretly leaves the mansion only to run into the two villains. He faces Unus and the Blob, but the crowd sees only three mutants in the same blue and yellow costumes and turns on him. Alerted by the news, the other X-Men arrive and together they manage to drive Unus and the Blob off. Meanwhile Xavier and Jean have been trying to locate the person behind the scheme, but upon establishing contact Xavier is hit by a mental blast that paralyses him. Using a mental-wave amplifier, Jean stays in telepathic contact with him, and the professor tells her the story about his first encounter with Lucifer. Years ago, Xavier discovered a city in Tibet being under some sort of alien mind-control. The professor managed to inspire a rebellion against Lucifer, and the alien was forced to abandon his base, however not before causing a block of concrete to fall and crush Xavier’s legs. The story also reveals that Lucifer is an alien that works for the Supreme One, in order to dominate the Earth. Back to the present, Beast builds a distortion device that negates the professor’s paralysis. The X-Men load up their new plane and set out to face Lucifer, who already is contacting his race that he finally has the means to take over the planet.