The X-Men (vol 1) #113 VG

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With the X-Men all prisoner in his Antarctic base, Magneto renews his acts of terror on the human world!With the X-Men out of the picture, Magneto begins his attack on mankind in earnest-he has his arch-enemies held prisoner in his Antarctic fortress, tended by his robot maid when they can no longer stop him.Unbeknownst to him, Storm has found a way to free the X-Men, and what greets him on his return home is an organized fighting team ready to take him on! Jean had synchronized their minds and Cyclops could lead them all to victory. At the end, the volcano collapses and only Magneto and Jean with Beast in her arms manage to escape the explosion. Because of her efforts, Jean pass out and Beast tries to carry her through the snow, but also pass out and falls down.Flashbacks: in Cairo, Storms was taught by Achmed El-Gibar how to steal, unlock keyholes and escape from ropes and chains.