The X-Men (vol 1) #146 VF

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Doom, still in a foul mood due to the X-Men attacking him and interferrig with a "business deal", places each of the X-Men in a prison cell intended to test their abilities – if they fail, they die. Storm, confined in her own body after having been turned into living chrome, is subconsciously calling forth a great tempest, striving to be free or dead. Havok, Iceman, Polaris and Banshee find their way into Murderworld, and fight for their lives against the out-of-control traps, systems and weapons. Together they eventually free the hostages with Professor X's telepathic aid. Back at von Doom’s, Nightcrawler has taken a risk and teleported out of his featureless cell. In the massive storm caused by Ororo, in the Bahamas,  Scott loses his blindfold, causing his optic blasts to...

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