The X-Men (vol 1) #167 VF

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"The Goldilocks Syndrome! (or: "Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?")"

The New Mutants were enjoying Magnum PI on the television when they were surprised by the sudden dramatic entrance of the X-Men. Not recognising their elders, the New Mutants attacked the X-Men. Although spirited & strong, they were still inexperienced and therefore only managed to slow the X-Men down. Meanwhile Kitty phased into the mansion upstairs with the intention of zapping the Professor. However, he woke and attacked her instead.

The brawl downstairs between mutant teams halted when the professor emerged and transformed into the Brood Queen. The fight soon moved outside where Storm and Binary were able to attack the creature. Wolverine demanded that they kill the Queen, while Cyclops refused to give up on another loved one (like he had done with Phoenix). The Professor's consciousness spoke to Cyclops acknowledging that he would soon be consumed.

On board the Star Jammer Sikorsky & Moira MacTaggert confirmed that they could not reverse the effects of the Brood Queen. However, they were able to take samples of the Professor's DNA from his last visit upon the Star Jammer and use that to construct a clone, which his mind would be able to transfer into.

The various members of the X-Men enjoyed a little rest & relaxation. Storm was jealous that Kitty's thoughts were only for Illyana & Colossus (her best friend and would-be boyfriend). Nightcrawler worried that the New Mutants would not accept him. Cyclops asked Corsair to take him into space, and was delighted when Corsair revealed that his parents (Cyclops' grandparents) were still alive. They were then interrupted by the arrival of Gladiator, who informed Lilandra that Galactus was about to die when the Fantastic Four restored him to full life. Lilandra used the Star Jammer's holgraphic projector to send an image of herself to the Fantastic Four (who were still in bed) threatening them that they would be held responsible if Galactus consumed any more known planets.

All the teams began to celebrate when Charles Xavier appeared without any sign of the Brood Queen. His new cloned body had perfect legs, but since he had previously been blocking the pain from his old crushed legs the Professor was still unsteady while walking. He then officially introduced the New Mutants to the X-Men and made the shocking announcement that Kitty was to join the New Mutants with immediate effect.

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