Transformers (1984 Marvel) 1st Printing #79 VF-NM

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Cover pencils by Andrew Wildman, inks by Stephen Baskerville. "The Last Autobot," script by Simon Furman, pencils by Andrew Wildman, inks by Stephen Baskerville; On Earth, Galvatron attacks the Canadian army as Spike is forced to don the Headmaster guise of Fortress Maximus once more to battle him, realizing he can't deny his destiny of being a Headmaster; Meanwhile, on a deserted Cybertron, the Neo-Knights and Hi-Q awaken the slumbering Last Autobot, whose job will be to revitalize Cybertron in the wake of Unicron's destruction; Last, on Klo, the Decepticons plan an ambush against the Autobots after Bludgeon discovers Grimlock's tracer on his ship shortly after they conquer the planet for their own means. "Fortress Maximus" by Bob Budiansky; Profile on Autobot Headmaster leader Fortress Maximus. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $1.00.