Ultimate Spider-Man (vol 1) #109 NM

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After finishing his court case, Matt Murdock, with his ability, overhears a news outlet of a "masked vigilante" attacking Midtown High School looking for Spider-Man. Matt then excuses himself to Foggy Wilson.  At a basement, Spider-Man (unmasked) is tied up to a chair and awoken by Wilson Fisk. Present in the room are Fisk's henchmen and Ronin. Fisk fully informs Spider-Man that even though he could identify him but knowingly acknowledge he would be arrested by Nick Fury, but he knows Spider-Man goes to Midtown High and have the opportunity to "blow up" the school , or to firebomb the "Xavier School of Mutants" that Spider-Man's "little girlfriend" attended (after having acknowledge via the internet) if the hero tries to interfere his operations. Continuing his words, the Kingpin informs Spider-Man that even though he have the chance to kill the hero on sight, the reason is that he owns all the media franchise base on Spider-Man. Seeing that how "popular" that Spider-Man is by the people, Wilson figures that having the Spider-Man franchise would further enrich him and that nothing that will ruin him including Spider-Man compare to owning the franchise. Changing topics, Fisk then tells Spider-Man to have his "little gang of knights" to "cut it out", surprising the hero. As Fisk said this, he punches Ronin and ruthlessly assaults him, acknowledging Ronin's identity. Having unmasking Ronin, Fisk tells him and Spider-Man that Matt Murdock works as his lawyer and that he is responsible for tricking and betraying the Knights. After punching out Ronin, Fisk kicks Spider-Man to the floor and tells him to the Knights that they would be kill if they try to stand against Fisk. However, seeing that killing Spider-Man would "upsurge" his market, Fisk considers it best to have him alive and continuing committing heroic works will help his profits and swears that even if Spider-Man quits being hero, he would hire someone to be Spider-Man for him.  Sometime later, Daredevil breaks into Wilson Fisk's office and finds it vacant. He then uses the office's phone to contact Dr. Strange, who is busy "meditating". Strange teleports into the office and is inform by Daredevil of Spider-Man's kidnap, and how he tracks him by scent, and request in help finding the hero. Strange uses his magic and creates a astral vision of the room showing the past events of Ronin delivering Spider-Man to Wilson Fisk, and taking Spider-Man away. Acknowledging Moon Knight's identity as Ronin, Strange suspects of him betraying the team but Daredevil is doubtful of it but reconsiders their suspicions later. The two then tracks their way to the basement of the building, but only finding it empty. Strange projects his magic revealing Spider-Man being beaten by Fisk and is then abandoned after Fisk and his men departed. Concerned, Daredevil request in gathering the remaining Knights.  Later, the Knights group on the rooftop near Daredevil's firm and talks of rescuing Spider-Man. Iron Fist concerns that Moon Knight betrays the group, but Daredevil still reconsiders Moon Knight's treachery and is then attack by Spider-Man. The other Knights tries to stop Spider-Man but learns from him that Daredevil as the traitor to the team and that Fisk knows about them. The group are surprised of the information as Daredevil tries to alarmingly reaffirms Spider-Man's information and his law firm is destroy in a explosion, but fortunately empty. Daredevil reinstate to the group that he isn't a traitor and that he have been against the Kingpin for killing his father, and manipulating the justice system. He tells to Spider-Man that the likely reason Fisk tells him of Murdock being a traitor was a way of getting back at him. The group debates of who the traitor is in their team, and Daredevil suddenly knows that Iron Fist is the actual traitor. Further stating that he is a "human lie detector", Daredevil forceful demands Iron Fist what he told to the Kingpin.