X-Men #128

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The X-Men are in Edinburgh fighting Proteus, who is inside his father body and holding dis mother Moira captive. Proteus uses his power to disturb reality. The X-Men have to save civilians from the wild city that attacks them. Cyclops decides to weaken Proteus and orders Storm to cool him off, but Proteus traps her in a crystal and Wolverine has to save her. Banshee shoots him but Proteus again reacts and drops Banshee inside a big hole in the ground. Nightcrawler goes after him and saves him, but Proteus tries to close the hole and they almost get killed falling after a quick teleportation and Polaris has to save them. Phoenix then attacks Proteus but is also defeated and Wolverine slashes him with his adamantium claws. Weakened by so many attacks and by adamantium, Proteus couldn't...