Uncanny X-Men #201 NM

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"Duel!" Guest-starring the New Mutants. Cameos by the Watcher, Binary, and the Starjammers. Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Rick Leonardi and Whilce Portacio. Professor Xavier is gone. Taken by his beloved Lilandra, the Shi'ar Majestrix, to the far side of the galaxy to save his life. Magneto, the X-Men's one time deadliest adversary, has been left in charge of rearing the New Mutants. Thus, begins a new era for the Children of the Atom. Now they just need to decide on a leader. Cyclops duels a powerless Storm in the Danger Room for the right to lead the X-Men. Plus, Scott and Madelyne's son is born. NOTE: 1st appearance of Nathan Summers, the baby that will grow up to became the mutant freedom fighter known as Cable. Cover price $0.65.