Uncanny X-Men #254 NM

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Amanda Sefton and Alysande arrive at Muir Island right before it is under attack by the Reavers. The many residents (some Morlocks, Warpies, Legion) try to defend themselves as good as they can, yet some are captured, injured and Sunder is even killed. In New York, Callisto fulfills her task to seal off Xavier’s underground complex. Val Cooper sends Freedom Force along with Forge to help the people on Muir Island.Note: Forge appears on the cover, but he isn't actually a part of the Muir Island X-Men.SynopsisIn the lab of Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Polaris undergoes experiments to see the extent of the damage received at the hands of Zaladane. The results show that no trace of "Malice" is left, but Polaris no longer has her magnetic powers.