Uncanny X-Men #281 VF

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"Fresh Upstart"

The Reavers are attacked by Setinels sent by Trevor Fitzroy. The X-Men are at the Hellfire Club to make an alliance with the Hellions. There, an assassin attempted to killed Emma Frost. Elsewhere, Fitzroy tries to take Shinobi Shaw's place as the Hellfire Club's King with killing the Reavers. Back at the Hellfire Club, the X-Men and the Hellions have a small due to Emma Frost's way with the assassin. Suddenly, Fiztroy shows up and kills several Hellions, his true goal being Emma Frost. Donald Pierce fights off the attacking Sentinels long enough for Gateway to teleport him to who sent the Sentinels. Pierce is brought to the Hellfire Club where he is destroyed by the Sentinels. The X-Men and the Hellions battle the advanced Sentinels. The battle with the Sentinels has caused Emma to go into...

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