Uncanny X-Men #364 NM

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"Hunt for Xavier! Part 5: Escape From Alcatraz"

Cerebro's plan are slowly coming into action and the X-Men are no where near close to stopping it, Wolverine's team have finally found their long awaited previously missing Mentor Charles Xavier.......leading The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, to the X-Men who are there it comes at them like a shock but they need to escape as soon as possible if they will be successful in the demise of the now sentient Cerebra, As Nightcrawler desperately tries to reach Storm's team which are half a world his efforts go unanswered which leaves him desperately worried seeing as how he and his team have found the REAL Xavier but he get's even more worried when he sees his team play dead to an attack from the Cerebrites, are they dead or alive? Find out.