Uncanny X-Men (vol 1) #261 VF

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"Harriers Hunt"

The Harriers, a team of professional mercenaries led by Sergeant-Major Harold Malone aka Hardcase, a retired member of the Royal Marine Commandos, are in Madripoor, hired to capture a trio of mutants: Wolverine, Psylocke, and Jubilee. As fate would have it, Wolverine, Jubilee, and Psylocke have just arrived in Madripoor after their adventures in Hong Kong. The three mutants are in a restaurant in Lowtown, and while Jubilee is complaining about how hungry she is and the lack of edible food in Asia, Harriers Axe and Shotgun ambush the three mutants. They successfully kidnap Wolverine and blast Jubilee with a non-lethal shotgun blast to the chest that leaves her bruised. Psylocke is able to save Jubilee and the pair escape. The pair locate the warehouse where Wolverine is being held captive...