Uncanny X-Men (vol 1) #320 NM

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Legion Quest Part 1 "The Son Rises In the East" Continued from X-Factor #109. Legion is in Israel and is sane. That's a bad thing because he is ten times more powerful than his father Professor X and his actions seem to be quite hostile. The X-Men, PLO, and Israeli armies attempt to stop him but can't phase him. He takes Storm back in time to Egypt and forces her to watch the plane that killed her mother crash into her building. The X-Men try to pump Bishop full of energy to take on Legion, but instead the team anchors themselves and all are taken with Legion back in time to where he intends to help make Xavier's dream become a reality. In the Shi'ar Empire, Jahf the Watcher delivers a cryptic message to Lilandra: the end of all that is. Story continues in X-Men #40.