Uncanny X-Men (vol 1) #354 NM

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A day of relaxation at the pond on the grounds of Xavier’s Mansion is interrupted by the arrival of Sauron, who has just absorbed ’s mutant energy. The X-Men fight back, but Sauron grabs Cannonball in midair, then drops onto electrical lines, temporarily stunning him. Iceman launches icicles at Sauron, who briefly recalls stowing away in one of Ka-Zar’s crates as the jungle lord was relocating from the to . Coming out of his reverie, Sauron shoots Storm, grazing her, then Maggott dislodges the villain’s pistol and has his slugs destroy it. As Iceman re-engages his reptilian foe, Sauron hypnotizes him into attacking his own teammates, then encasing Jubilee and himself in ice. Next, Maggott leaps from a treetop onto Sauron’s back. Meanwhile, in space, Deathbird continues to use...