Warlock and the Infinity Watch #5 NM

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"Old Foes"

Omega captures Drax, Pop, Gamora, and Moondragon and plans on using their powers to kill their old for Warlock!Omega has successfully captured Drax, Pip, Gamora and Moondragon. He knows better than to use the gems on his person and instead uses their power through a machine. His plan- kill their old foe Adam Warlock.Warlock has returned to where he left the Watch, only to find that they have already left. He contacts the possessor of the Reality Gem. He knows that they have been captured by the Omega and tells him where to find them. He suggests if he succeeds in rescuing them to give the gems to those more worthy.The ship of Omega is orbiting the Earth. Warlock travels to the ship, but he is being watched. He uses stealth to easily defeat the lower members of the crew. He is met by Omega's second in command, who proves to be more than a worthy adversary. Warlock is plagued with self doubt, especially when he realizes that this is not the Omega that he is fighting.After a long hard battle, Warlock comes out on top. He takes off his attacker's mask to reveal his old enemy from Counter Earth, Triax the Terrible. He now understands that the Omega can only be one person - the Man-Beast.