Warlock and the Infinity Watch (vol 1) #2 VF

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"Gathering the Watch!"

The Infinity Watch is gathered and the Infinity Gems are handed out. Drax obtains the Power Gem, Moondragon the Mind Gem, Pip the Space Gem, Gamora the Time Gem, and Adam Warlock gains the Soul Gem. In a wrecked spaceship, Moondragon is about to run out of air. She is met by Adam Warlock, who has an offer for her. He next travels to Titan, and makes an offer to Drax also, to once again have purpose in his life. Starfox insists he go instead of watching ALF for the rest of his life. He has gathered Drax, Moondragon, Pip and Gamora together. He tells them that he wishes to share his great power with them. Gamora believes that he is making a mistake in those he chose, but he insists that his decision is infallible. He first gives the Space Gem to Pip. Pip turns out to be a natural teleporter, making him an excellent protector of the gem. He gives the Mind Gem to Moondragon. This amplifies her already considerable mental powers. But, because of her past, Adam Warlock will consider it a breach of faith if she tries to use it on him. She is unable to read the minds of any of the members holding a gem. He gives the Power Gem to Drax. With his already immense strength, it should be very difficult for anyone to take the gem from him. Drax thinks it is a jelly bean and eats it. It is indigestible and will remain safe inside of him. He gives the Time Gem to Gamora, She does not know how to use the gem but since she is considered the most dangerous woman in the universe she will be able to protect the gem. Warlock keeps the Soul Gem for himself, having had it for many years. They all ask him what is to become of the Reality Gem. He tells them that he has given it to someone who will remain unknown to all but him and that this person would frown upon someone gathering all the gems together. The Infinity Watch has been formed. Warlock tells them all that he has bestowed a great power and a great responsibility on all of them. He tells them that he must leave. They ask him why and he tells...